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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly…

Almost famous

Over the years I have been involved in a number of different projects that have gathered some amount of press. I thought it would be kind of fun to keep a “digital scrapbook” of links, photos, clippings, tweets and mentions that have helped to raise my profile.



CarolinePixels It’s all me, me, me…



Syncni.com – Isla Negra wine campaign highlighted in Sync NI with a rather fetching PR photo of myself.

DANI Award – My Isla Negra design was runner up in the Best Web Design category at the 2012 DANI Awards.


Tigerblood Intern – Chosen as 1 of the last 200 candidates in Charlie Sheen’s search for an intern


FOWD London – Ryan Carson wearing my Tweetwear project t-shirt


iampaddy.com – Number 3 in Paddy’s Top 10 IMD Portfolios

iampaddy.com – Tweet featured in Paddy Donnelly’s 2009 Build Conference review


A slow year…


University of Ulster – Two Minds Design Competition Winner


Freelance & studio projects It all pays the bills…


From Tree to Tree – Storybook App

syncni.com – “Irish and English storybook unveiled for iPad”

siliconrepublic.com – “English and Irish language iPad storybook unveiled”

mobiletechreview.com – iPad Interactive Book Review: Leonard and From Tree to Tree

gaelscoilenna.ie – “english and Irish language iPad storybook unveiled”

SPT – iShoogle

SPT Website – SPT launches pioneering mobile app.

Social Media Week – “Everyday I’m shoogling” launch for new iShoogle app.

The Drum – Strathclyde Partnership for Transport to release iShoogle app for Subway.

Evening Times – Shoogle round the subway with new app.

Elevate Sport Solutions – GAA App

The Sporting Corner – “The first ever GAA coaching App is going to be an APPsolute necessity!”

Balls.ie – “Somebody invented a GAA coaching app

Joe.ie – “First ever GAA coaching APP hits the iPhone”

Corknews.ie – “GAA coaching at the stroke of an iPhone

NewsRupt & Qluso

journallocal.co.uk – Qluso coverage – “Qluso lets journalists sell to the highest bidder…”

journalism.co.uk – Qluso coverage – “New online platform to allow freelancers to auction exclusive stories”

reverttosaved.com – Qluso review – “Qluso be first to screw a journalist”

editorsblog.org – Qluso review – “Qluso sells content to the highest bidder”

The Guardian – NewsRupt & Qluso coverage – “NewsRupt startup”

Wanabehacks.co.uk – Qluso coverage – “Fellow freelancers Qluso has arrived”

European Journalism Centre – Featured journalist resource